Mr. Price

Thank you for putting this information out to make the public aware. I worked in law enforcement 37 years, 2.5 of those years as a detective assigned to Sedgwick County Exploited Missing Children's Unit. In that capacity I worked sex crimes against children and have first hand knowledge of the damage sexual seduction and grooming can do.

I have been in email contact with Representative Stith. As a typical politician he denied any involvement including sponsorship. His claimed his only knowledge was he heard it was a fund raiser for the Humane society. I asked why animal acts weren't featured rather than transvestites.

Representative Stith asked me if I felt Drag shows should be outlawed. I told him I served my country to protect citizens freedom even if I did not participate in those type of questionable behaviors. I did inform him that this is an adult venue where children can be exposed to simulated sex acts and is not only inappropriate, but it is illegal to sexually seduce or sexually groom a child.

I asked representative Stith if he felt it appropriate for children to attend drag queen venues, strip clubs or XXX movies. He said it would not be appropriate for children to go to a STRIP CLUB, but ignored the other questions. I asked him if tax payer funds were used to fund this event. Again he would not respond. I asked if he felt it was INAPPROPRIATE for children to go into a strip club, why he felt it was APPROPRIATE for children to be present at a drag queen show where they could be exposed to simulated sex acts. Again representative Stith failed to answer. As an elected official, representative Stith must answer to the voters of Wyoming.

It is quite obvious representative Stith is not being forthcoming with about his true involvement. He simply does not have the best interest of Wyoming children in mind. An investigation of representative Stith must be pursued until the truth comes out.

I have filed complaints with the Wyoming Republican Party. For the safety of Wyoming children every concerned citizen needs to DEMAND the truth from representative Stith. If he has been involved in this type of activity he MUST be censored and or removed from office. He is up for reelection next year. Let's get him out.

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Thank you Mr.Brazil. We all need to do our part in stopping this hideous behavior. It saddens me to read this occurred in WYO, but these monstrous frauds are everywhere in the US. It’s classic Marxism and I hope folks continue to wake up and take notice of all the things they are being waged against us; the American Family. God Bless.

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Another example of radical liberal infiltration of a conservative brand. The State GOP has to be held accountable for that. If Hillary Clinton decided to register as a Republican does that mean she's a Republican?? No. So, why are people voting predominantly liberal doing so under a Republican/conservative banner?

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Mr. Stith is now on my list of possible pedophiles. In addition, he sat in on a Rock Springs school board meeting last week telling the board to change their ways or the legislature would. Hypocrite.

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Well he ought to be aware of what he is sponsoring, whether he attended the event or not. The question is did he know and not attend to feign ignorance?

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